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Constructa or Konstructa
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Konstructa or Constructa? What's in a name?

If you were looking for the Konstructa Hire homepage please click here.

Occasionally you may come across the name ‘Konstructa’ in a variety of different, but wrong, spellings, such as ‘Constructa’ or ‘Konstructor’. As the only experts on this topic, we would like to clarify how our name should be used.

’Konstructa’ is not an ordinary word but, in fact, a trade mark, registered in 2006. Since then, only buildings produced by Konstructa Hire can be called Konstructa buildings.

Sometimes people use our company name wrongly. As a leading provider of  premium quality site accommodation, we always work hard to prevent this and protect our trademark instead of being called 'Constructa'.

In short - Konstructa is a protected, exclusive trade mark that can only be used to describe the products of the company Konstructa Hire Ltd.

Click here to go to the Konstructa Hire site home page.

“The buildings were laid out exactly as we had requested. They were in excellent condition and everyone on site has been very happy with the quality of the cabins. They are extremely secure too, which was essential on this site as we had an attempted break-in. Thanks to the solid construction of the Konstructa buildings, the thieves didn’t do any damage.”

Mark Sumner, Site Manager, Felton Construction

"We were so impressed by the quick turnaround and service levels from Konstructa Hire that we will be recommending them to the rest of the VolkerLaser Group. Our company is busier than ever just now, and we'll certainly go back to Konstructa Hire for future site building requirements."

Dave Machin, Plant Manager, VolkerLaser

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