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New mains-free units make welfare provision on remote sites simpler and more sustainable


Two new welfare units from Konstructa Hire are ensuring that contractors don’t have to compromise on welfare provision for their workers when they move on to new sites with no mains services.

Available in static and mobile models, Konstructa Energy-Saver welfare units provide essential canteen, washroom and drying facilities in single self-contained buildings, complete with energy-efficient diesel generators, battery-powered LED lighting and fresh-water and effluent tanks.

The integral energy-saving features enable contractors to cut their weekly running costs by more than 240 per week, and diesel consumption by more than 200 litres a week, when units are in constant use.

David Griffiths, General Manager and Director of Konstructa Hire, says: “The carbon savings achieved over a year can exceed 38,000kgCO2. So, not only do these welfare units help sites to comply fully with Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations, they can make a major contribution to reducing a site’s carbon footprint.”

The mobile variant can be towed into any location and set up ready for use in just 30 seconds. It’s the perfect choice for difficult-to-access sites, where it would be impossible to crane a conventional building into place.

The buildings are packed with advanced energy-saving technology, including passive infrared (PIR) detectors to ensure lights are only switched on when required, maintenance-free batteries with condition-monitoring systems to detect when recharging is required, and low-noise, low-emission diesel generators with autostart sensors.

To find out more about the hiring Konstructa Energy-Saver static or mobile welfare units, call your local Hire Centre on 0845 355 3443.


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